Quality Policy



The cornerstone of SPM objectives is to provide quality assured crew manning services and supply its clients with capable and service-conscious personnel that is:

  • suitably qualified with all required watchkeeping certificates endorsed in accordance with the requirements of National and International manning laws and conventions and of International Convention on Standards of Training , Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers1978, as amended in 1995;

  • medically and mentally fit for serving on board;

  • sufficiently trained and experienced to operate their assigned tasks in the vessels;

  • proficient in English to be able to carry-out their duties;

And that is capable of:

  • operating the ship safely and efficiently;

  • avoiding injuries to personnel and loss of life;

  • conserving and protecting the environment;

  • complying with all applicable National and International rules and requirements;

  • applying recognized industry standards when appropriate;

  • preparing for emergencies, and disaster reduction;


  •  We offer crewing service based on the principles of ISO 9001 (2000) standard.

  •  We commit to comply with the quality requirements as laid down in the Quality Management System.

  •  We conduct its service in order to reach the quality objectives established and reviewed on annual basis.

  • Customer's satisfaction, continual improvement the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the good name of SASM Pvt.Ltd. are the philosophy of each employee.